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Recruitment Procedure


We have to receive the following information from employer concerning to the requirement of candidates.

  • Exact Job Description
  • Required No of Candidates
  • Basic Salary
  • Allowance if any
  • Job Starting Date
  • Other Terms and conditions if any
  • Pre – approval:
    Once we receive pre –approval documents duly attested, after verification of the documents we would arrange the interview and collect the documents of the applicant.


    We will publish the “REQUIREMENT” notice to a Local news paper and National as per the requirement of the company.
    Interview for the post, could be conducted at our branch office or as desired by the company, and the sub agent of the company will be actively involved for sourcing the applicant.

    Pre-Selection Interview:

    We will do the Pre-selection interview at the given place & time which is being mentioned on advertisement. Our managerial level person or the company professional will do the Pre-interview.On the interview we will inform to the applicant each and every details which is mentioned on sample of employment contract. Also we will inform about the training and cost, if applicable. Once we select, we will inform them about the final interview schedule and location.

    Training if required for the candidates

  • Who has working experience and just need to give them short training.
  • Who doesn’t have working experience and need to give them full training.
  • Who doesn’t need training because they have applied for unskilled job.
  • We will start the training as per the categories, training will be given as per the instruction given by the selection committee and training will follow accordingly, and keep complete check of the progress of the trainee